Best Drumming Accessories Guide: Our Top Picks!

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Most drummers understand the necessary tools required to play. The basics include: a drum kit, a cymbal set, necessary hardware, drumsticks and hearing protection.

These items can be interchanged and switched around in order to maximize your kit for a specific sound. For example, a beginner’s kit that plays mostly slow blues will have a much different setup than an advanced rock drummer, like John Bonham.

This guide will be mostly aimed at beginners who are looking to expand their setup and their sound. The guide will be useful for intermediate and advanced drummers as well, as I will go over some of my favorite drum accessories on the market right now.

Before we dive into the list, let’s go over a few different accessories and what they are used for.

The first accessory I would recommend getting anything else is a stick holder. This will not only add convenience to your playing, but, if you’re like me, you’ll stop losing your sticks. This can also come in handy for more advanced players who have classic sticks, brushes, mallets, and rods.

The second accessory I would recommend is a quick-release cymbal holder. This accessory does exactly what it sounds like. It adds a very quick and simple cymbal change. Simply tap the release button and slide the cymbal post on or off.

The spring-loaded release button has high tension and internal grabber teeth, making it impossible to remove the cymbal lock without physically pressing it.

The third accessory, and one that will connect with a previous tool you should own, is a tuning key adapter for your tuning key. It is similar to drill bit and is compatible with all sizes of drums. It helps save time with regular maintenance and tuning, so you can have more time to play.

These accessories were chosen based on three main factors: usability, adaptability, and how fun they can be! They should all be used in many different genres and improve your playing/make it easier on you!

Vic Firth Stick Caddy 

Vic Firt h Stick Caddy 

First on the list, we have a stick holder. The Vic Firth Stick Caddy is a great option for anyone who wants to flaunt their preferred stick brand.

The cylinder canister carries around two pairs of sticks, although it can carry three if the sticks are small enough. It is perfect for a beginner player who may only have a few sticks or an advanced player with a small kit.

This drum stick holder may be clamped to any piece of hardware kit. Because the clamp’s hole is around 1 1/2′′ in diameter, most cymbal and hi-hat stands will fit.

I enjoy the Vic Firth Stick Caddy over other stick holders because the Vic allows you to angle your sticks the way you like. The bag is made from plastic in comparison to nylon, which will not last as long and can get worn down easily.

I recommend if you are a professional, Getting two of these stick holders for both sides of your kit. In case you ever drop a stick, it is quicker to get one.

For beginners and more advanced players, I recommend you label your sticks on the bottom so you know which one is which. This is something I still do to this day, and I always appreciate myself for doing so.


  • A necessity, strong, durable, adjustable, affordable


  • None, get this!

Big Fat Drum Snare Bourine

Big Fat Drum Snare Bourine

The Big Fat Drum Snare Bourine is another essential piece of gear that makes an awesome accessory. This can be used for live shows, recordings, playing at home, and virtually anywhere! This accessory changes the sound of the snare.

The Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine can be heard on hit records and in professional live shows all over the world. Because of its capacity to effortlessly generate powerful and thick snare drum sounds, as well as tambourine jingles, this drum accessory has definitely taken the drumming world by storm.

The Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine is a low-cost option that performs admirably in the studio while recording drums. Simply insert it on top of your existing snare drum head for a powerful, vintage tone and tambourine sound.

For decades, recording professionals have blended tambourine sounds with snare drum backbeats, and this fascinating drum gadget will provide you with the same effect.

The Snare-Bourine is incredibly simple to use and far more effective than standard muffling methods such as wallets, towels, or moongels. The Snare-Bourine is one of the greatest drum accessories to buy if you want a powerful, deep, and enticing snare drum tone.


  • Affordable, awesome for recording, vintage tones


  • It’s sold out at many stores is so popular

KICKPRO Weighted Kick Drum Pillow

KICKPRO Weighted Kick Drum Pillow

The KICKPRO Weighted Kick Drum Pillow transforms the sound of your kick drum, resulting in the ideal mix of muffling, tone, punch, and power. This drum pillow sits inside the bass drum and aids in the creation of the ideal tone, focus, and power balance.

This high-quality bass drum pillow increases the tone of any bass drum greatly. This is the genuine deal when it comes to drum accessories! It’s also quite adaptable, allowing you to position it anywhere you want with as little or as much contact with the bass drum head as you want.

The non-skid rubber fabric underside of the weight bass drum pillow keeps it firmly in place inside the bass drum. It’s a well-designed drumming tool that will boost the tone of any bass drum in the studio or on stage.

It’s an incredible drum accessory that’s ideal for any drummer who wants full control over their bass drum sound while achieving deeper, sharper, and snappier kick tones.


  • Better tones, adaptable for different scenarios, won’t move


  • Other options on the market

DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner 

DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner 

Probably one of the most popular tuners on the market right now is the DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner . By detecting tympanic pressure surrounding the drum with the dial, this fantastic drum gadget allows you to make amazing sounding drums every time.

Whenever it concerns tuning drums, particularly in the studio, the DrumDial makes life so much easier. It saves a lot of time and energy, and due to the simple analog display and adjustable locators that assist in marking tuning ranges, it’s quite simple to use.

If you’re searching for a unique drum attachment to buy yourself or as a gift, the DrumDial is without a doubt the greatest options available. It’s something I recommend it to anyone who wants to get the best tones out of their drums!

The best part about the DrumDial Tuner is that it can be used for so many more drums than a simple drum kit. The DrumDial is ideal for tuning any drum head, including timpani, banjo, snares, and even your djembes!


  • Analog display, easy to use


  • Expensive for an accessory, I would say worth it though!

Native Tongue Percussion RhymBlock

Native Tongue Percussion RhymBlock

The Native Tongue Percussion RhymBlock was an accessory that I just bought for myself about a month ago.

This fantastic and inventive gadget can be put on any drum and is ideal for experimenting with new sounds and rhythms.

The two height-adjustable RhymClips secure the RhymBlock to the drum, allowing you to convenient positioning to include it in your drum set.

The RhymBlock can be made of solid walnut, maple, oak, or hickory and has a superb build quality. It provides a deep and powerful tone. The natural, hand-oiled finish is really gorgeous on each wood.

It can be positioned so that effortless playing between the drum and the block is possible, allowing for incredible sound experimentation. It also makes excellent rimshots and cross sticks.

I have wildly enjoyed playing the RhymBlock and creating new patterns, new sounds, and completely new drum melodies with it. It feels similar to a toy on Christmas morning, where I’ve been playing, practicing, and experimenting with it. Go pick one up, you won’t regret it!


  • Lots of fun, can be used in many different scenarios


  • New to the market, hard to find in stores

DW Practice Pad Set With Stand

DW Practice Pad Set With Stand

This is less of an accessory, and more of a tool to increase your playing, but I’m still putting it on this list! The DW Practice Pad Set is the ultimate silent and portable practice drum kit. It’s the all-in-one practice solution for drummers who want to improve their skills at home or anywhere!

This high-quality practice pad set features five durable pads that feel great to play on and imitate the feel of a genuine drum set. The cushions all attach to a double-braced tripod stand that comes with the kit, and there’s plenty of adjustment for flexible positioning.

Rubber practice pads are long-lasting, responsive, and silent. A snare drum pad, three tom pads, and a kick drum pad for use with a bass drum pedal are included in the kit.

The ideal drum accessory for improving technique, control, and speed on the drum set is this DW practice drum kit . The pads have a good rebound and are quiet enough to play on without causing others to be disturbed.

This drumming gear is loved by professional drummers and students all over the world since it is well-designed and portable.

I know that you’re probably thinking that you don’t need another kit, let alone a practice kit, and trust me, I understand. I felt this way for awhile too, until I spent a prolonged period at my parents’ house, where they didn’t have a drum kit.

I could feel my skills slipping, and I was worried that when I got back to playing I would have lost all my fancy fills and experimental patterns. Instead, I got this, moderately cheap, practice kit and continued my playing.


  • Best for traveling drummers who can’t bring their kit, easy to set up


  • Expensive for a “practice kit”

Gibraltar Smartphone Gooseneck Mount

Gibraltar Smartphone Gooseneck Mount

An amazing device for the modern drummer, the high-quality Gibraltar Smartphone Gooseneck Mount is a must-have. Like most of the accessories on my list, I recently switched out the homemade phone mount I had and bought the Gibraltar Mount.

Drummers today use cellphones for practice, studio sessions, and live shows.

A hi-hat stand, for example, may easily be attached to the Gibraltar Smartphone Mount , which can then be positioned for optimal viewing.

The sturdy and high-quality gooseneck mounts your phone securely. In order to stay in the zone behind the drum set, this drum gadget will ensure that you have access to both your smartphone and a live feed of your performance.

In addition to reading tablature or notation, you may also use your phone to trigger background recordings for live performances.

The Gibraltar Gooseneck Mount is the perfect drum attachment to hold your phone in position no matter how you plan to use it while playing drums!

I use my phone to read drum tabs for new songs that I am learning and old songs that I need reminders about. It is a helpful tool to have in your kit.


  • Best mount for your phone, strong, durable, won’t move


  • Can’t hold the new Google Pixel phones

Meinl Cymbals Cymbal Care Kit with Cleaner and Polish

Meinl Cymbals Cymbal Care Kit with Cleaner and Polish

Let’s face it, with enough playing, your cymbals are bound to get busted up. That’s what the Meinl Cymbal Cleaner is for!

Cymbal Polish and Protectant Care Kit from MEINL, the leading cymbal producer in the world. In one fast and easy application, our MEINL Cymbal Cleaner will clean and protect your brilliant-finish cymbals.

This cymbal polish works wonders for your cymbals. Cymbals are restored to their original dazzling brilliance, and all dirt and residue are removed from the cymbal surface.

One only applies a tiny quantity of this mixture to their cymbals and buffs them in circles with soft, dry cloth after applying the recipe. As the chemical interacts with the dirt, it is readily removed.

I was able to get my ride cymbal back to its former sheen by applying a significant amount of elbow grease. A new towel should be used to clean each of your cymbals, because the cleaning solution is only effective at getting rid of dirt.

Cymbal polish is of the highest quality. It removed all fingerprints and stick marks from my cymbals with ease. As a result, I suggest it, as it is the greatest cymbal cleaning product on the market!


  • Clean cymbals are happy cymbals, works better than any other brand


  • None!

SIZE QC8B4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate 

SIZE QC8B4 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate 

As mentioned in the introduction to accessories, a quick-set cymbal release is an ideal tool to have in your arsenal. It allows drum sets to be set up and changed just that much quicker!

There is a quick release option available. I would recommend that one! The cymbal lock is a wonderful tool for set up and take down, and allows you to get cymbals on and off stands in a matter of seconds. It keeps the cymbals attached to the stands without the cymbals falling off.

In order to keep the metal lock in place, spring-loaded balls are inserted into a groove on the stand’s base. It’s as simple as pressing down on a lock and letting go of it. The design is really straightforward and foolproof, which I love! Instead of utilizing wing nuts, the setup and dismantling process is much faster.

When it comes to drumming gear, TAMA produces some of the most creative products on the market. Locks that are carefully constructed and built with precision are a good choice for cymbals. I’d go with these!


  • Makes it easy to set up cymbals, robust


  • There’s a lot of other quick release cymbal holder options on the market, some are cheaper

Ludwig Drum Rug

Ludwig Drum Rug

While a drum rug may not seem like a necessary component to own, one day it will be. For touring musicians, especially, this rug will do wonders when playing the drums on a slick stage.

With the Ludwig drum rug , you can play with any set, from your old Vistalites to your brand-new NeuSonic. It also protects stages and practice grounds from thorns and stick shavings, which can cause injury to your kit.

The Ludwig Drum Rug is 78″ by 63″ and can accommodate broad range drum sets, from small to classic. Comfortable underfoot, the plush rug protects drum and cymbal finishes from scuffs and scratches.

There is a non-slip rubber backing on this rug, so it stays put on hardwood, carpet, or concrete. The Ludwig Drum Rug is secured with hook-and-loop fasteners for storage and transportation.

There is really not much to say about this rug. It’s a simple product and offers exactly what the consumer is asking for. Ludwig has an incredible relationship with buyers and holds the name of the best rug brand in the music industry.


  • No slipping, no sliding, will last forever


  • More expensive than other brands

PDP PDDP402 400 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

PDP PDDP402 400 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

The double bass drum pedal is a unique tool to add to the kit of a rock-hard, professional player.

You want your foot to produce the greatest amount of force with the greatest amount of accuracy. It’s the same with your dual-kick pedal as well. DW’s PDP provides you with both at a very low cost! When you need it most, the DP402 Double Pedal delivers tremendous power.

The Double pedal DP402 has an offset cam construction and two-way beater balls for smooth action and reliability that is known from DW.

The price of the DW pedal is cheaper than other pedals and is a steal for the quality it offers.


  • Awesome for rock hard playing, gives you a strong kick


  • Not the best for every genre, a little expensive



The KickBlock is a perfect anchor to stop your bass drum from slipping. We all know that hard rock, and any bass drum pounders, make the bass slide what seems like miles away from your kit.

Fortunately, Will Butera and his team have produced KickBlock , one of the most basic and effective bass drum anchors seen in a long time. When you place the KickBlock in front of your bass drum on a drum rug or loop pile carpeted surface, it essentially stops all forward movement.

To hold fast to the leading drum rugs and most closed-loop carpets, the shock-absorbing firm foam block is equipped with 27 square inches of military-grade hook strips. Because of its low weight and tiny appearance, the KickBlock can be used everywhere, from studio sessions to the most distant outdoor performances.

The best part is that the KickBlcok works with any drum rug that you have. I recommend the KickBlock in addition to the Ludwig Drum Rug (also on this list).

Looking for a super-efficient and dead-simple creeping bass drum solution? Take a look at the KickBlock bass drum anchor.


  • Fun to play, can be used in a variety of genres, adds a new touch to your playing


  • New item on the market, not sure how durable it is

Drum Bags

Drum Bags

When you first begin to tour, or move your drums, you’re going to wonder what the best way to transport them without damaging anything. Look no further though, as the Gator GP-FUSION16 5-piece Fusion Set Drum Bags have firm protection for your kit.

Gator’s cushioned drum bags, the GP-FUSION16 , combine the protection your drums require with the lightweight portability you desire. Each of the five bags in the GP-FUSION16 is made of durable 600-Denier nylon and features a cushioned and lined interior, comfortable carrying straps, and heavy-duty zippered closures.

The snare drum bag, the bass drum bag, and three sizes of tom bags are included. And because these bags are small and foldable, they won’t take up much space. The cushioned drum bag set GP-FUSION16 allows you to travel and carry your drums safely and pleasantly.


  • Keep your drums safe, usually last as long as your kit itself


  • Certain brands are more expensive



These days, almost all metronomes can be found on a phone. I would still recommend owning your own metronome as it is one of the handiest tools you can have as a drummer.

If a member of your band offers you a metronome , it’s a sign that you need to improve on your time. Which is, in any case, a good concept.

I’m going to recommend three different metronomes here: The Korg MA-1 may be useful and small enough to fit in your pocket. The Tama Rw30 is a versatile synthesizer with programmed rhythms and a reasonable price.

The Millenium Rhythmpumpe is more than suitable if you require a metronome at your side on stage, owing to its power adapter.


  • The best tool to keep you in beat, awesome for practice


  • Add are cheap and break easily with regular use


Question: What Every Drummer Should Have?

Answer: If nothing else, every drummer should have a stick holder! It’s the first item on this list!

Question: What Can You Gift a Drummer?

Answer: In 2021, you shouldn’t gift to the drummer Rhymblock. These are cheap, fun to play, and new to the market. Any drummer will relish while playing with this new toy!

Question: What to Buy to Start Drumming?

Answer: The first simple thing you can buy to start drumming are practice pads, which are on this list! They’re easy to transport as well as easy to set up… You can play anywhere with them!

Question: Can I Learn Drums at 40?

Answer: You can learn the drums at any age! There are a plethora of benefits for learning music at an older age as well… it keeps your brain healthy!


Here is my final list of 14 different accessories that are incredibly useful. While it is up to you to choose which ones you need, want, or will actually use, I have used and recommended each one.

Some of these, like the metronome or the drum stick bag, are more useful than others, RhymBlock. Make your choices and do your research. Only buy what you will use!

For beginners, let me tell you that I would recommend getting the necessities before you invest in fancy accessories such as the RhymBlock.

Drum bags, drum stick bags, metronomes, and all that other useful stuff is what you need to become a professional. We all know how much fun it is to play around with new toys, but make sure you have the basics down!

If you were to get anything on this list you should choose the Vic Firth Stick Caddy or the Rhymblock. First the stick caddy is a necessity. You need to keep your sticks safe at all times, and it will help you not lost them! Second, the Rhymblock is so fun to play! You can use it in virtually any genre, and it will add a whole new element of creativity.

Either way, enjoy yourself and keep drumming!

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