How to Find the Best Kids Drum Sets: Our Top Picks!

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What if you could give your child a head start on the drums? Beginner drumming abilities, and any skill for that matter, may be greatly improved by learning the foundations of rhythm early in life. They can be used for any instrument in the future as well, if your child decides the drums just aren’t their strong.

Kids from 3 to 10 years old may now choose from a wide variety of junior drum kits available on the market. Despite their small size, they generally contain all of the key elements of a full-size drum set.

When it comes to hoops, loops, kick drums, floor toms, and other drum parts in a kids’ set, you may or may not have any idea what you’re doing, but don’t worry. I wrote this guide aimed at parents who have no clue what they’re buying. You can expect to find information about each part of a drum kit, as well as some recommendations for each budget.

So… What Do You Need?

Best Kids Drum Sets

This can be a tricky question to ask yourself. There is a difference here… is your child 3 or are they 12? Do they have a passion for music, or is it just something they might be interested in? Your child will definitely have different wants and needs, and understanding those exactly is key to buying the perfect kit.

Many parents probably don’t have to buy a full kit with each drum. Some of you may. It all depends. The first step in buying a kit is deciding what you need. Let’s go over some basics:

What is a “Junior Kit” Kit?

As a general rule, junior drum sets are smaller, with 16-inch diameter kick drums being the most popular size. There are certain ‘Jazz’ kits (with 18-inch kick drums) that are also played by adults, but I only evaluated them for this guide because full-size kits generally feature kick drums that are 20 inches or bigger.

I would probably say that most parents shouldn’t worry about any jazz kit, unless your child is a prodigy.

What is the Best Age Range For a Junior Kit?

These are excellent for youngsters aged 3 to 10 years old. It’s best to purchase a full-sized kit for youngsters who are taller or older than this age range.

What Does it Need?

Sadly, some kids’ drum kits do not have hi-hats. The drum set should contain hi-hats, a crash cymbal, a tom, a snare, a bass/kick drum, and a stool to sit on.

In addition to cymbals and hi-hat pedals, each of the drum sets we’ve listed below comes with all of the required hardware. Of course, if your child isn’t interested, or simply too young, getting the smaller, cheaper set would also be fine.

It’s so Loud

Loud drums and cymbals might harm your hearing over time. You should get your child some ear protection, or something to fight off possible hearing harm.

What Does the Number of Pieces Mean?

You will see a number next to each kit, determining how many “pieces” it has. Cymbals are excluded from this count. The total number of drums in a drum set is five when it contains a snare, a kick drum, and three tom toms. Anything that is not considered a “drum” will not be considered a piece.

How Many Pieces Should I Get?

In the event that your youngster becomes engrossed in drumming, I recommend investing in a 5-piece set. There are three-piece kits available for those with limited space, which require less space to assemble as well as carry to play with others.

What About Drum Sticks?

Typically, drum sticks should be included when buying a junior kit. While this isn’t always true, you can find several sets of different weighted drum sticks available at Amazon or at any store.

Keep in mind that sticks will eventually wear out and break, so it’s a good idea to have a replacement pair on hand. They’re usually about 10-30 dollars a set, although to start, I recommend getting the cheapest option.

What’s the Size of a Kit?

Usually, drum manufacturers label their sets by diameter, followed by depth. also known as “10-inch-deep” because of its diameter and depth. In certain cases, manufacturers and sellers will state the dimensions in reverse order, but it would usually be stated that way.

What if They Break?

For the most part, drum sets should include replaceable heads in case they break. By unscrewing the lugs on the drum head using a drum key, you may remove it. Almost Every Drum Head Can Be Ordered Online.

You just have to make sure they are the same size as your drums! Remo, Evans, and Aquarian are some of the best drum head manufacturers in the world. Some drum heads are available for less online.

Electronic or Acoustic Kit? 

Ultimately, it’s a question of personal taste, but here are some suggestions: Acoustic drum sets are the best way for your child to learn the basics of how drums work and how they sound and react.

Acoustic drum sets are the best for learning. Electronic drum sets for kids may be the best option for you when your home does not allow for a lot of sound.

Junior Kit or Standard Size?

Your child’s age and height have a role in this, as well as other factors. Youngsters tend to naturally gravitate towards junior kits. You’re better off investing in a full-sized drum kit if your child is 8 or 9 years old, and especially if they’re quite tall.

Aside from size, the major difference between a 5-piece junior drum set and a “regular-size” drum kit is the number of drums included. The snare and toms are smaller than the bass drums. All of them have a smaller diameter to make them simpler to reach and operate. Otherwise, things remain largely the same.

A full-size drum is a better choice for this reason, since you receive a greater quality for a price that is typically not too much more expensive. For the most part, beginning drums may be found at reasonable prices.

This list includes the finest drum kits for beginners. Here, you may discover a variety of high-quality, low-cost kits.

What is the Sound Quality? 

You shouldn’t have top-of-the-line quality from drum kits for youngsters. However, the sound is pretty awesome for what it is.

These kits are meant to teach children the basics of drumming and are typically fairly affordable. That they feel and sound like real drums, can be adjusted to produce different sounds, and have all the required equipment is more significant.

Are They Easy to Set Up?

Even though they may appear to be tough from a distance, drum sets in general are quite quick and straightforward to set up.

Typically, the toms are connected to the bassdrum in drum sets that comprise most of the drum set’s components. It has its own stand. Typically, the floor tone has three separate legs. They’re attached to the pedal.

Where Can my Child Learn?

Lessons are, of course, the most effective alternative in this case. What comes to mind is finding a local tutor. Because children learn differently than adults, it’s vital to locate someone who has a lot of experience working with young people.

As a result, you should also investigate music schools, as they are generally geared toward working with children. A second option is to use internet video lessons to teach your youngster a few of the most fundamental beats. As a rule of thumb, the first few classes you take are free, but in-person lessons tend to be more expensive than online ones.

Helpful Drumming Terminology

Helpful Drumming Terminology

When buying a kit, you may see many words you do not know or do not understand. Drummers have their own lingo and way of describing tips. Below are some simple suggestions so you don’t make a fool of yourself at your local Guitar Center.

  • Ply -One layer of wood. Nine-ply drum shells are constructed from nine layers of wood.
  • Drum Kit or Set – When it comes to music shops, Drum Kit and Drum Set have become virtually synonymous phrases.
  • A Throne or Seat -These two words refer to the same thing: the seat on which you play drums (also known as a “drum throne”).
  • Kick or Bass Drum – When it comes to drum sets, the phrases kick drum and bass drum are interchangeable and imply the same thing. There are certain bass drums that aren’t meant to be used with a kick pedal, such as those you would see in an orchestra or marching band.
  • Drummers Key -To tune and tension your drum heads, use these to loosen and tighten the lugs.

Mendini 5-Piece Drum Set

Mendini 5-Piece Drum Set

It’s one of the most popular junior drum kits for youngsters , and it’s made by Mendini. The combination of a low price and good overall quality makes for a winning combination. For youngsters under 5 feet, this set is ideal because of its tiny 16″x11″ bass drum.

The sound and quality are both excellent. Although you shouldn’t do miracles, there is virtually nothing to complain about when it comes to the snare and tom drums. In contrast, the hi-hats and cymbals aren’t all that great, but this is a problem with all juvenile drums.

Over the bass drum, you’ll find both the hi-hat and crash cymbals. While everything is neatly packed into a small space, it’s still far enough apart to allow a complete drum set setup.

The price of the drum kit is quite low ($249.99 right now). There are five pieces in this kit, including drumsticks and a height-adjustable drum stool. I would recommend this kit simply because of its small size. Its ability to be packed away and stored in tight places is great for small houses or children that move around.


  • Affordable for 5-piece kit, compact


  • Cymbals aren’t great

Mendini 3-Piece Drum Set

Mendini 3-Piece Drum Set

As a parent, you are searching for a kit that contains the essentials for your child to start interested in drumming. The 16-inch Mendini is ideal for this . It is ideal for children between 2.5 and 5 feet tall. It is available in a variety of beautiful colors.

As this model comes with three drums, as well as one cymbal, your youngster will be looking forward to drumming sessions. With six lugs on each side, the 16-inch bass drum is sturdy. Drumsticks and a manual assembly are also required, but this should not be a big worry for parents.

The only major downside to the 3-piece kit is that it lacks a hi-hat or floor drum. It is truly the basics and only costs half of what the Mendini 5-piece kit costs. I recommend this for any parent on a budget or with a child who is only slightly interested.


  • High quality, durable


  • Affordable, lacks hi-hat

Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker D1316

Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker D1316

The Sound Percussion Labs 3-piece kit is a budget set for children 5 and under. It is a great beginner kit, and has some of the best reviews of children’s drumming kits of any kit. It’s only a 3-piece kit, which means it takes up virtually no space.

It is tunable and has drum heads that are replaceable, in case your child gets a little too wild. It is also made from multi-ply, which means it’s strudy.

This kit continues to receive a seal of approval based on the many glowing testimonials it has garnered from reviews and overall. One of the most popular comments from customers was, “This is a great beginning set for children.”

There was a lot of praise for the sound of the snare and bass drum. The majority of users noted that it was strong enough for youngsters, despite the fact that it just had a single braced hardware piece.

However, the cymbals are weak in this setup. While this is a reoccurring problem for children’s drum sets overall, it can actually be counted as a good thing. Think about it: the drums are loud, and your child likes to smash things. Since children’s kits are quieter, this usually lets parents experience a little more peace.


  • Sturdy, durable, snare sounds pro


  • Cymbals aren’t “professional”

Eastar 14-Inch 3 Piece Kids Drum Set

Eastar 14-Inch 3 Piece Kids Drum Set

This is one of the most “professional” children’s drumming sets on this list. Like this one, Eastar drum kits are recognized for their superb quality. The cymbals, as well as the toms and bass, have a great sound.

The skins of the drums vibrate evenly and beautifully. The drum heads may be tightened and adjusted using the supplied key.

They are made of wood, with plastic heads and metal fittings, and they have a unique sound. In order to guarantee that the look is not taken lightly, the metal pieces were electroplated at a high level. It’s obvious that the drum set won’t fall apart any time soon from the way it’s put together.

The drum set has a 14 x 10 bass drum, a 10 x 5 snare, and an 8 x 6 tom. Two sets of drumsticks are supplied, one for the child and the other for the adult who will be instructing (or for when one pair eventually breaks).

The only main drawback to this kit is that it only has one cymbal. The fact that it is a 3-piece kit also makes it a little less appealing (in my opinion), but to be fair, there is nothing not appealing about this kit.

This kit is for professional children. The kid who wants to be the best drummer with parents who have the budget and tolerance for a loud kit.


  • High quality, high quality sound, multiple tunings


  • Larger than other sets,

RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

RockJam 3-Piece Junior Drum Set

As a 3-piece kit, the RockJam has been specifically developed for active young drummers between the ages of 3 and 7. If your youngster loves music, this is a fantastic way to get them started. The set is available in red, blue, and black. It is one of the cheapest options at only $109 USD.

In addition, it has a chain-driven foot pedal and four lugs to keep it stable. With a foot pedal, you may play the bass drum, which is also known as the kick drum. When it comes to the RockJam junior drum set, your youngster may develop an attachment to the snare drum that can be played on its own without the need for other drums.

The cons of this kit are that the foot pedal may be extremely firm and, in some cases, too difficult to push down easily. Depending on how tightly you screw the drums, they might be pretty loud, an unpopular thing among many parents.

The last with is that this drum kit should be bought for the youngest children. It is an unacceptable size for older children.

Small wooden drumsticks are included in the package, which are excellent for your child’s small hands while still being sturdy. In addition, there is a hanging or mounted tom-tom, crash cymbals, support for the drums, and a cushioned drum throne for your child to enjoy.


  • Comes with drum sticks, affordable, best for young children


  • Pedal is tough, loud

Questlove Pocket Kit

Questlove Pocket Kit

A full drum set that is sturdy, sounds excellent, and can be used right away, the Ludwig Questlove Pocket kit is for beginner drummers who require a complete drum kit that can be used right away. I’ll be honest, the Pocket Kit isn’t necessarily for children, and it should be aimed at older children that are looking for an upgrade, or just big kids!

Designed for beginner drummers, Ludwig’s Questlove Pocket set is built to last, sounds great, and can be played straight away. However, the Questlove Pocket Kit may be used as a cocktail kit (ie a portable drum set) in an emergency by a performing drummer. With small drum equipment, you can achieve a lot.

Reviewers were more critical than usual because the drum set was made by such a well-respected company known for its full-size professional drum kits. It was noted by several reviewers that the drum heads that came with it were not as nice as they would have wanted and that they had to be changed with new ones.

According to some reviews, this is a bit too large for children under five. Although the videos on the manufacturer’s website were instructive, several people were upset that it did not come with an instruction manual when it was first unveiled.

Drummer Ahmir Khalib “Questlove” Thompson set out to design a drum set that would allow young drummers to have a full-scale playing experience, and Questlove hits the mark with a price/quality ratio that suits just about any budget. Creating this drum also created an option that allows drummers to have a kit that is easy to transport.


  • Made by expert drummer, compact, sounds incredible, easy to travel with


  • Too large for small children, no instructions to set up (YouTube videos available)

Pearl Roadshow RS584C/C

Pearl is a well-known Japanese drum and percussion brand. When it comes to features and pricing, the Road Show RS584C is a great example of why they’re still in demand.

Everything you need to get started drumming is included in this 4-piece kit. This includes a drum throne, drum sticks, and a kick, tom, floor, and snare drum. You may ask yourself? In the 4-piece kit, I thought there were only 3 or 5.

While 3 or 5 are the most popular options, 4 piece kits are an in-between kit and a great choice for something a little more versatile than a 3-piece kit.

Drum set novices and first-time buyers tend to have good opinions about the Pearl Roadshow RS584C. In addition, many users are pleased with its compact size and the quality and quantity of the shells and components that are provided.

Strangely enough, not every reviewer is a beginner. Some people use this jazz set and are impressed with its overall performance.

Cymbal durability is a concern for some expert drummers, but ideally, students of the instrument will not be able to damage them.

Do not miss out on this great jazz drum set, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced drummer who wishes to perform with a small jazz kit. For youngsters under the age of five, this kit may be a touch too large.


  • Compact, high-quality tones, affordable


  • Not for smaller children, cymbals may not last a long time


Question: When Should Kids Start Drums?

Answer: The best act to start drumming is around 5-7. Children will have the right amount of focus at this age to stick with an instrument.

Question: What Size Drums for a 6-year-old?

Answer: I recommend using the Pearl Roadshow RS584C/C. It should be the perfect size for an average-sized 6-year-old while still having room to improve and grow into.

Question: How Can I Practice Drums Without a Drum Kit?

Answer: You can practice drums with a cheap practice pad. They sell these at any music store or online! If you don’t want a practice pad you can simply use your sticks to bang on inanimate objects, just make sure they aren’t valuable.


Kids who wish to learn how to play the drums have a lot of alternatives, as you can see. Modern markets provide a vast choice of items that cater to different age groups and are available at a variety of price points.

If your child wants to play real drums, but isn’t tall enough for a complete set, the juvenile drum set is a fantastic choice.

To help you decide, I propose the Mendini 5 Drum Kit as an economical kids’ drum set for children to learn the fundamentals of the instrument. If they wish to continue playing the drums, they may get an intermediate full-size drum kit.

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