Best Online Drumming Websites – Top Platforms for Drummers to Follow

The Internet is perhaps my favorite thing in the world. It’s the reason I’m writing this, and it’s the reason that many other drummers and I have been able to learn new skills and discover different products.

Several drumming businesses have used the Internet to make themselves known, while others have used it to boost their popularity after already being established in the world of print.

As you read on, I’m going to take you through some of my favorite drumming platforms and explain who they’re best suited for and how you can utilize them.

Bottom Line Up Front

There are varying online drumming websites to look through that mostly fall under the following categories:

  • Educational websites
  • Informational websites
  • Entertainment websites

While the Internet has dozens of these that are focused on drumming, here are my top picks for you to check out.

My Top Picks at a Glance

  1. Drumeo – Largest online drum education platform. It has an impressive number of offerings, including a list of professional drummers that do weekly online lessons.
  2. Drum Beats Online – DBO Academy offers a library of lessons that take you from beginner to advanced. Weekly lessons are further uploaded by Gabe Helguera.
  3. The Orlando Drummer – Hundreds of lessons, courses, and masterclasses offered by Adam Tuminaro. Unique lessons are the drum filming and yoga for drummers courses.
  4. Mikes Lessons – One of the first online drum education platforms. Mike Johnston is known for being one of the top drum educators in the world.
  5. Modern Drummer – Online platform for Modern Drummer magazine. It’s a monthly publication that includes lessons, interviews, product reveals, and much more relating to drums.
  6. Hudson Music – Popular publishing platform. It’s one of the top places to buy drum books and educational drumming videos.
  7. DumBit – An excellent online drum machine with multiple sounds and an easy-to-use interface.

Tips When Looking for Drumming Platforms

Best Online Drumming Websites

When checking out drumming websites, you’re going to find a few different types. It’s good to recognize these types so that you know what is being offered. This will also allow you to search them out.

Here are the most common types of platforms that you will find:

Educational Content

The online teaching business has boomed over the past decade. Musicians have realized that teaching online is a perfectly viable way of making a living, so drumming platforms have been getting more popular every day.

The goal of educational platforms is to teach users how to play the drums. Typically, this involves some sort of subscription service. You’ll pay a set monthly amount, and it will unlock a library of drum lessons for you to learn from.

While some educational platforms have multiple courses with all levels of playing, others are more focused and have targeted drummers of certain experience types.

When choosing an educational platform to sign up for, you should decide if it’s the right fit for you. If your goal is to play in rock bands, signing up for Peter Erskine’s jazz masterclasses won’t be too beneficial.

I’ve found that the larger platforms with more content are better for beginners. If the platform has a good way of guiding users, then there are multiple directions you could go with all the available content. Smaller platforms are good for drummers with key goals.

Informational Content

Informational content serves to inform users. When it comes to drumming, Drumming Fanatics is a great example of it. I’m informing you about drumming platforms, explaining how to find them along with how they’ll benefit you.

Informational drumming websites will give you the latest news regarding the drumming world, give you advice on which products to get, and explain how things work. If you want to know how drum sets are made, you could find this information on an informational platform.

Some websites are purely informational, while others are focused on education but have a few informational elements.

Entertainment Content

Entertainment content is for drummers to consume. This is when you sit back, watch, and enjoy what drumming has to offer. Drum websites with entertainment content will have videos to watch and stories to tell.

In the drumming niche, you won’t easily find a website that is purely dedicated to entertainment. Instead, informational and educational platforms will occasionally share videos of performances and tour vlogs, etc.

My favorite example of this is on the Drumeo Edge platform. They have several documentaries where Jared Falk goes to drum and cymbal factories so that you can see how things are made and distributed.

Personal Website

The final type of drumming platform that you may find is a personal website. There are more of these than any other type of website, and they often act as a direct way to learn about and contact professional drummers.

A pro drummer will put their bio, gear list, and contact information. This will allow you to learn about them and book lessons with them.

The drummers may even put performance videos on there, allowing you to see what they’re all about before contacting them.

Selection Criteria

All the drumming websites that I have selected below fall under the categories that I mentioned above. In the world of online drumming, these are the platforms that most drummers know about. While I’ve selected them because of their popularity, I’ve also chosen them as the best because of a few key factors:

  • Offered value
  • Approachable personalities
  • Strong communities

If these platforms didn’t have those things, I don’t think they’d be as popular as they are today.

Top Drumming Websites



Drumeo is arguably the largest drum education entity out there. What started with Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson teaching free drum lessons online has turned into a huge business called Musora. There are several instrument education sites under the Musora name, and the Drumeo is the most successful.

Drumeo provides an impressive amount of free content to watch and learn from. You can head over to their YouTube channel to watch lessons from professional drummers that have come to their headquarters to film content.

However, the key aspect of Drumeo is their Drumeo Edge subscription. Signing up for this unlocks thousands of lessons, play-alongs, and transcriptions. This is where you’ll find the most value from the Drumeo website.

The latest pushed concept they have is called the Drumeo Coaches Program. They’ve hired a group of professional drummers that have made a mark in the industry, and those drummers teach weekly live lessons. You get to hop on to livestreams with the likes of Larnell Lewis, Todd Sucherman, Matt McGuire, Aric Improta, and many more.

I’d say that Drumeo is the platform to go to if you want a bit of everything. However, it’s easy to get flustered with so much content. They have a system called the Drumeo Method that takes you on a step-by-step process, but I know a few drummers who would prefer something more simplistic and easier to follow.


  • Large library of lessons from professional drummers
  • Drumeo Coaches program is epic
  • Includes lessons, documentaries, performances, transcriptions, and student reviews
  • Arguably the most popular drum education platform


  • With so much content available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed

Drum Beats Online

Drum Beats Online

Drum Beats Online is a platform run by Gabe Helguera, who is the drummer for I Prevail. While many of the lessons on DBO Academy are for rock drummers, there is content available for all kinds of players.

It’s a bit easier to follow the lessons than it is with Drumeo, and there’s a tight-knit community that often hops onto live stream lessons with Gabe.

My favorite aspect of DBO Academy is the DBO Teachers page. This is where you get to sign up for private lessons with teachers that will help you work on anything you’re struggling with. I’m one of the teachers there, which is why it’s my favorite part!

While there are a few subscription service drum sites that have libraries of lessons, I’ve found DBO Academy to be one of the few that offers private lessons aimed to add extra help to the lessons if needed.

Drum Beats Online is my top recommendation for beginner drummers. It has a level system, and working up those levels will take you from the very basics of drumming up to being able to play with a band.

More advanced drummers may prefer a site such as Drumeo, which has more advanced drum lessons.


  • Excellent education platform for beginner drummers
  • Gabe Helguera has the most welcoming personality
  • DBO Teachers available to help with the course material in one-on-one lessons


  • Advanced drummers may find themselves wanting more challenging lessons

The Orlando Drummer

The Orlando Drummer

Orlando Drummer is a platform run by Adam Tuminaro. He’s been one of my favorite drummers ever since I learned a few licks from his YouTube channel several years ago.

This drum education platform includes lessons that have been categorized into single lessons, courses, and masterclasses. The platform also has an impressive number of practice loops. These are loops that have been made in certain styles to allow you to play drums over them.

My favorite course here is the Drum Filming lesson pack. Adam Tuminaro has some of the best-looking drum videos out there, and he teaches you exactly how to achieve the same visuals. He has courses on sound engineering for drums as well. These courses are what I think sets his platform apart from the others.


  • Excellent lessons on filming and getting great drum recording sounds
  • Well-structured library of drum lessons for all levels
  • Amazing loop tracks offered to help with practicing musical styles


  • Not as much content as Drumeo

Mikes Lessons

Mikes Lessons

My final education platform to suggest is Mikes Lessons. Mike Johnston is one of the best educators in the world, and many of the drummers that have their own teaching platforms started by learning on his one first.

This platform is focused on courses. You can find them for all levels of drummers, and Mike has some of the most challenging ones that I know of, which are perfect for advanced drummers.

Mike also does weekly livestreams where he sits at the kit and answers any questions that people may have.

You get a useful practice checker that will keep you accountable and allow you to see the results of your practice after using it for a while.

The site is a lot more simplistic than the others, but it’s one of the easiest to use, and being taught by Mike Johnston is an experience. He’s the most passionate educator that I know of, even outside of the drumming industry.


  • Mike Johnston is an amazing drum teacher to learn from
  • Very easy course structure to follow
  • Weekly Q&A with Mike on a livestream


  • Not as much content as Drumeo

Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer is a magazine that was first published way back in 1977. Since then, it has grown into the largest drum publication in the world. It’s where you’ll find all the latest news about drums and drummers, and getting featured on the front page of the magazine is the ultimate sign of recognition for a drummer.

The amazing thing about it is that you can read the issues digitally. They started allowing this once the Internet proved to be an incredible tool for getting your products out there. You get access to the magazines by paying a monthly subscription. You get a few bonuses along with that, such as video lessons.

Overall, Modern Drummer is the ultimate source of informational content. Any news in the drumming industry will make its way into the publication, so it’s a great service to sign up for if you want to keep in the loop.


  • Trusted source for all the latest drumming news
  • You get insights into famous drummers and things they’re doing
  • A few lessons are offered


  • Subscribing to online magazines tends to be fairly expensive considering what you’re offered

Hudson Music

Hudson Music

Hudson Music is a publishing company that has worked with some of the best drummers of all time on educational and promotional projects. On the Hudson Music platform, you can browse through thousands of drum books that have been written by accomplished drummers.

In years past, Hudson Music released amazing educational drum DVDs. With those phasing out, I’d say the biggest strength of this platform is its list of drum books to choose from.

I grew up learning to play the grooves from Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials book. That book went on to become one of the most sold drum books of all time, showing you the power of Hudson Music’s distribution tactics.

I thought this platform would be great to put as the last option. While the previous platforms are all amazing online teaching spaces that provide PDFs for drummers, there’s nothing quite like placing a book on a drum stand and getting to work.


  • One of the biggest distribution platforms for drumming books
  • Large library of drum books to choose from
  • You can buy physical versions or digital copies


  • No subscription service that gives you access to everything

DrumBit App

DrumBit App

If you’re looking for a website that allows you to make drum beats, DrumBit is one of my favorites. It has an interface that is incredibly easy to use, and it allows you to make catchy drum beats within seconds.

It works the same way a standard drum machine does, but it’s all virtual. There are 21 drum kit sounds to choose from, so there’s plenty variety to keep you entertained. There are a few sound editing tools to keep things interesting as well.

While it’s a fun platform to use, I could see it being useful for providing pro tracks as well. You can save the drum loops that you make, letting you take them further than just on the browser.

The platform is nowhere near as extensive as a pro-quality drum machine that you can get on a DAW like ProTools or Logic Pro X, but it’s good enough to use casually!


  • Simplistic interface
  • Completely free to use
  • 21 drum kit sounds


  • Not as extensive as drum machines on professional DAWs


Question: Is Learning Drums Purely Online Possible?

Answer: Yes. There are so many valuable drum lessons that you can find online that teach you everything you need to know about developing on the instrument. However, it’s vital that you nail the basics of proper positioning and technique.
When you learn online, there is more room to get this wrong as no one is watching you with the intention of correction. The best way of avoiding this is using a platform that has a feedback system. Find a drumming education platform where you can upload videos of yourself playing for a teacher to watch and give you tips.
If you don’t do this, you may develop bad habits that will be harder to fix the longer you have them for.

Question: How Much are Drum Lessons?

Answer: Drum lessons that are done in person typically cost anywhere between $30 and $60 for an hour. If you take lessons from a famous drummer, the cost will be a lot higher. I know world-famous drummers who have charged as much as $200 for lessons before.
If you are looking for online lessons, the cost will be mostly the same for one-on-one Zoom drum lessons. You could also sign up for a drum education platform. Those will have subscription services that usually cost between $15 and $30 that need to be paid once every month.
Some education platforms, such as Drum Beats Online, offer extra personal lessons once you’re subscribed to the platform.

Question: What’s the Benefit of Reading Drum Magazines?

Answer: They give you insights into the drumming world. Drum brands will often push their marketing through magazines first before anywhere else. You’ll also get to read about famous drummers and how their lives work, what gear they’re using, and where their next gigs are going to be.
While physical drum magazines used to be popular, they’ve moved online now. This makes them much easier to read. I remember longing to read issues of Modern Drummer when I was young, but they never made it to the small town I lived in. I now get to read them online after just a few clicks. It’s amazing!

Question: What are the Best Drumming Books?

Answer: There are thousands of educational drumming books that have been released over the years. You’ll be able to find value in almost all of them. I’d say the best ones are books that have become extremely popular. Here is a list of a few of them:
New Breed by Gary Chester
Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer by Ted Reed
Groove Essentials by Tommy Igoe
Stick Control for the Snare Drummer by George Lawrence Stone
While learning drums online and via PDFs is the modern way of doing things, these are the books that will keep you going when your Internet connection is cut off. I know so many traditionalist drummers who swear by them and prefer not to make use of online education. I think there should be a balance in using both.

Question: Is Drumeo Edge Good for Beginners?

Answer: Yes. The platform has a highly extensive group of lessons called the Drumeo Method. When you follow it, you’ll be taken from the early stages of drumming right through to advanced concepts taught by some of the best drummers in the world.
Getting through the Drumeo Method is supposed to take a long time, so I wouldn’t suggest rushing through it.
Drumeo as a platform can be quite overwhelming with all its content, though. If you want a more simplistic platform that is easier to follow, I’d suggest checking out Drum Beats Online, Orlando Drummer, and Mikes Lessons. Those lessons are all taught by a single teacher, which many drummers may prefer.


If you’re a drummer looking to either learn new skills or check out some top-quality drummers, I’d suggest hopping on to any of the platforms that I’ve listed above.

When it comes to education, Drumeo is the most extensive platform. However, the other smaller education sites are often preferred thanks to their more intimate approach to the students that sign up for them.

Modern Drummer is what you need to read if you love checking out magazines with the latest news. Hudson Music is the best platform to buy drumming books from.

You can thank the Internet for all these amazing platforms. Now, go utilize them!

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